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but wouldn't, you know, being able to understand japanese be a pre-req?

if the over/under for Nickey is 250 lbs, I'm taking the over

data loss isn't the only thing they're suffering from

Nice way to explain communication.

I'm familiar with the but I did not know about the Fee Benz!

ok, no one is home. let's lay a few tracks down

been on a big veggie pizza kick

yes! Sounds like something I need to be a part of

the downtown office creeper!

symbolic FIST PUMP


that's a bingo!

maybe they'll give some insight into the thought process behind the email scams

Ever wonder what the definition of "cut the bullshit" was? Thank goodness we have Twitter.

wrong answer weather man

the owner of this x-earth can dere-lick my balls, capitan.

USAToday weather sucks. Low of's 27.

More Derek Dooley wikipedia shenanigans:

The Coaching Career section on Derek Dooley's wikipedia page for about thirty seconds:

Finally found some Grand Cru for NYE!