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Hey, ....

Check it out! You can get the "I Like It Like That" music video by & for FREE on iTunes!! Do it!

. Point proven.

I think it should be a rule that you can't talk crap if you can't spell or use proper punctuation.

Can't wait! November 3rd. The Cains. . . . . I'll be there.

Yep. My dad just made a Hot Rod reference. Be jealous.

Reason 3920171638392272829 that I love . #Besties4Life

This is seriously someone on my newsfeed's status. #conceitedmuch? #wow

is one of the coolest neighbors ever. Never a dull moment! #anotheronebitesthedust #songoftheday

: My mom thinks this chip looks like you! :)

Yep. I love texting . #Besties4Life

Fun toga party night with and Felicia! #LambdaChi and #SigEp were both so fun! #togaseverywhere

Tigger and Tinkerbell ♥

My uncle in the GM for a place in Texas called Top Golf. was just there... Coolest uncle EVER!!

and I are pretty much soul mates. #toofar #butforreal #crazy