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put these artists in a Pandora station together & you'll never have to change tracks because it's all so wonderful :")

posted up in a bathtub in a nice hotel with some rum and music.. waiting on my sisters and joey to return c:

what my vinyl collection needed the most is finally here. I'm gonna be listening all night man :D

Zeke is the cutest thing. even if he wouldn't be still long enough to take the picture. hehe. here, :3

ceebs the rest of the day. merr

my horoscope for today made me a little misty.. it's so freakishly true. hopefully the end is right.

Conor Oberst looks so damn old now. holy hell. #BrightEyes via

just saw the Westboro Baptist Church for the 1st time. let the Phelps know we feel for their poor, brainwashed children

I'm actually crying. they just broke. so did my heart. :c

I go outside for a minute and my nephew takes over my camp out on the couch.. heheh awww.

coral: "it's raining! it's an 'inside-Glee-day!'" and I'm sitting here like "everyday is an inside glee day duh"

my niece and I. much caffeine. both seasons of glee. lets do this~

yay! #gleeseason2

just played my first game of poker ever and whooped ass. weo

LMFAO. #gamerjokesnoneofyouwillget :|

evidence that (for once in my life) I am currently the Edmunds Sister with the longest hair :)

because we are productive at the workplace. "hiiiiiii white people!"

oh my god is big brother fucking watching me or what. wow. creepy. wow.

pretty much yeah