Olivia Nisbet


Im Olivia, a very cute, but naughty little scamp. I'm now free from mammy's belly. All views are my own. But don't tell @julienisbet & @sirhappyfeet!

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Sick of mammy calling me a baby. I'm a big girl now!

Just an update on how cute I am! Almost 22 months old now!

I know, I know; I'm growing up quick! #duh


I'm not really a baby any more! #AllGrownUp


Long time no tweet! #slacker

How growned up am I?! #poser #model

Good morning everyone :)

Just wandering around with daddy's boxer shorts on my head... as you do.. MORNING!

Zzzzzzzz .... #yawn

I'm feeling sorry for myself. But mammy is keeping me warm & safe :)

Loving these little legs of mine. They do walking and everything!

Hey man. Here I am chillin' in the studio today ... #CoolestKid

Mammy & Daddy took me to a butterfly world on Monday. This is my happy but confused face! #butterfliesrock

PS. Bet you missed my pwetty face!!

Just chillin' with my ma.. though she IS cramping my style! #poser

I'm a snot minster! Rarrrrr!

Mammy says I'm getting bigger and bigger each day. I don't think I'm big at all!

Mammy puts me in a snowsuit and takes me out in the pram for 30 mins and expects me NOT to fall asleep??

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