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Sudoku,genealogy,tennis #nut ! Love [mainly classical ] music, art ,poetry ...aiming to be a #polymath ! #poliver ....#mrschips

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Spinsters' Ball '62 cool is that ?

Blanche STATTER's wedding 1937~b 21 Dec '13 RIP

Happy Christmas to you all from Hampton !

Another #Rainbow pic

4#rainbow pix

Wisteria #Hysteria April 2011 [not Christmassy !]

James FOULDS my ggrandpa c1930 Blackpool w/ 2nd wife Lizzie

Painted by my aunt Edna Lowcock 1906-19 #Spanishflu

St Andrews Day '62 York ~ the #Twist

There's a lot of talk re #snow...Feb '09 again

Snow in my garden ~ Feb '09

Snowy pic of H from 2010

"Wnuki" in snow ![This time LAST year!]

My in-laws wedding 1932:Nina RAINSFORD,Eliz OLIVER,Alexander WALKERII, Rev OLIVER

Mum in #slacks c 1944 w/ me

Miss Bashkiriya #Gib '66 ie me !

Time to wheel out the WALRONDs again ! Francis + Eliza w/ 11 children in Rugby 1890s

"If I should die,think only this of me.."~pic found in Aunt Maude's papers

Painted by my aunt Edna '06-'19 #Spanishflu victim