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it took me a lot less time than i thought it would to find the perfect birthday card for . #juneteenth

finding an email from in my inbox on a friday feels weird. cc:

, i was thinking of bringing this guy on.

well played, .

, it's exchanges like this that make me miss all of you.

, since one of the rds on tomorrow's pub quiz is about you, was wondering if you'd be free to play w/ me?

, #mylaugh

., audience award winners. #downbydownleft #sxsw

, as can tell you, his name is . he's good ppl.

PROTIP: if you intend to livetweet #TheOscars on an iDevice, take a moment. cc:


if you can't RSVP for at Stubb's party b/c it defaults to mobile site, request its full page in chrome.

apologies if others have mention this, but it only just occurred to me during tonight's episode #TrueDetectiveSeason2


just submitted 15 questions about quentin tarantino to for review. lot of work to unlock one achievement.

upon this rewatch of S02E11, am realising that stop-motion looks like real-life

ugh, it looks as though i'm getting emails intended for . sorry, .

, lookee what i just found.

so many onion blossoms.

, i can navigate the pulldown menu; however, when clicking the join option, i get this greyed-out screen.

jeez, , there are other words besides "spectacle" you could've used to describe #GeekBowl to .