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How ya dern? Woah dere! Are you mexipino? This definetly isn't Madison, It's Sabrina C: Uh, uh, get it, get it, uh, uh, uh. Break it down now, wut, wut!

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Hey T-Money :) Will you be my ICONic Valentine? :)

Would you please follow me? :) Happy 10 months & Vday!! #SeattleMissesYou You're amazing Madboy :)

Thank You for kickin off our year as a good start! I'll never forget that night! #SeattleMissesYou

Would you kindly follow me? Happy 10 months, Spikey! Youve come far! #SeattleMissesYou #ProudICONiac :)

Thankyou for giving 2012 the best start! Meeting you has made my life! You're so sweet&funny! Please follow?

#SeattleMissesYou I'm so happy I got to finally meet you :) Best way to start 2012<3 Follow? Please :]

Attempted to do pose.... Lol failllllll! Hahah #SeattleMissesYouSpikey <3 Best Night Of My Life!

My friend and I played rock paper scissors in English today... He beat me by rock...

Seattle misses you! Thank u for giving me a chance to meet you :) it made my life! Follow? Pwetty Pwease

$995 in my hand haha! Dirt bike money saving time :)

LOOK WHAT YOU DID! Hahahahahahah ;)

Thank you for everything you do! Meeting you was the best day everrr! Have a great day at school No Bonez

You made my year because I actually got to meet you in person<3 you're so sweet and funny! ThankU 4 evrythn

Trying to copy Spikey's pose... Lol fail! #SeattleMissesYouSpikey I'm so glad I got to meet you :) thx

Thank you for making my year on Friday <3 I never thought I'd get the chance 2 meet you boyz

just realized my laptop task bar says #GRAND on it :D #GoGRANDorGoHome <3