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Carmel and sea salt milkshake #ftw!

I'm horrible at this game. #windrunner

If you every need to know what a 10XL looks like, here you go. #huge

what do the treasure boxes mean?

Whee! Too bad nobody plays #anipang anymore. #highscore


I'm so happy I can hardly contain myself! No more 15,000!!!! #highscore #windrunner

cold. just cold.

Went home for Easter with a purse of weekend clothes. Coming back with a trunk full of stuff. ㅠㅠ #mothers

Gas is so expensive! #broke

It's been such a stressful two weeks that little things like this lamb make me laugh. #easilyamused #windrunner

Omgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!! #ss5

Put this design together today and it made me think of you. Happy Friday!

Not my new yellow painting project, just pollen. ㅠㅠ #deathbyallergies

A good way to fall asleep after a long two weeks of work. <3 #hins

Omg just got home to see this! #wtf I hate ants. I'll take any other insect, but not ants!

Sportin' my flashy green pants today w/ . Happy St. Patrick's Day! And happy birthday ! =D