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this was playing in the background as I was reading your tweet. it's meant to be

this reminds me of ted & Marshall xD #himym

still know all the words.

dat #throwback

i would read this book

first time opening pandora in a while & this is the first song that plays. lllllloooooovvvveeeee this man!

wrote this on my ipod's notes app back in september. it's finally here.



watching him watch TV xD

Lol idc if she wakes up from the click sound my iPod makes when it takes photos xD too damn adorable<3

My little demon is finally sleeping ㅋㅋ gonna visit her baby brother in the hospital when she wakes up :)

Lol she gets so excited while watching Dora x)

ㅠ-ㅠ microbiology dnw.

Note to self: buy more of these&pears.

Two aren't listed but this is pretty much my test schedule. 

These three are still bestfriends. But none of them are cute anymore xD

Let's do this!

She's not gonna let us sleep tonight xD

<3 ready for Vegas :3 and winter. Teehee ;)

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