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- more FB surveys

Very Cool: list The Problem With Facebook Data… as a must read:

So this narrows it down to one of 1.3 BILLION people. Thanks LinkedIn

First demerit - homepage makes it sound like access codes are guaranteed once email is submitted

I'm getting a different message

Interesting - just got a marketing email from Roku promoting new movies on their various channels. They're bringing it

why is your conductor 291620 hassling me about paying extra to go to Penn. grabbed my phone too

Big Bird on the election

Impressive auditorium at #Medientage. I will be on stage tomorrow

Big Bird And Bayonet - the photo. #PBS #horsesandbayonets

Tibetans in London waiting for Dalai Lama

Gotta love L.A

Why Facebook Advertising Is Doomed - In One Simple Screen Shot

Almost viral.

Here's a screenshot of the #NBC livestream of the Olympcis - 720pHD looks very good on my 22" monitor. #nbcwin

Last one- How is "Dirty Harry" a choice in a category called "Wrath of the Titans" ? Oh FIOS, UI is just not your thing

WTF - I click the "Pay Per View" tab on the FIOS website, expecting a list of recent hits, and this is what shows up

This is why it's so hard to take al-Jazeera seriously. (The 91 likes, not the comment which could be from any site)

Pretty much sums up every Woody Allen movie (from NYT online)

Beavis and Butthead still live: