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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who pause for a sunset and those who stop and live it.

The smell of the Pacific is home.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon:

Coffee and binoculars as we start the journey back:

My view right now:

Today's lesson:

Why should I have to suffer for role in the obesity epidemic?!

It's one of those nights!

Oh my God, just walked in wearing the coolest outfit ever:

Yellow, blue, yellow, blue, yellow:

How to get me to invite you over:

I was chopping carrots when--suddenly! Tragically! Horribly! I cut off the tip of my nail!

Late lunch involves coffee waffles and the genius of :

1927 reproduction of Antonio Canova's Hope of Venus (1820), marble:

1927 reproduction of Antonio Canova's Hope of Venus (1820), marble:

, it used to be fuzzy! Now look, it's like the scrubbing side of a sponge!

This is what made for dinner (warning to vegetarians and vegans: beef is involved!):

I'd gladly trade places with this guy:

On the corner of Market and 5th, party-goers are told ours is a jealous, angry God:

Fangirl moment at the Samsung booth: