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I felt like it had to happen.

Just another terrible day in Seattle.

I need to learn how to "partay"

. being interviewed by . #pgaexpo

Know what people in Vegas love at 8am...bagpipes

Safeway is upping their game with tastings and anew craft beer section.

did it. Took forever but i did it.

Dr who fans are legit. They know how to party. #PHXCC

Mussels...the vaginas of the sea.

Naturally I would recognize twitter names on bathroom walls.

as an aquacadet i approve.

This keg finishing party just got way nerdy.

Loving the little details in Chew. Here is a Perry the Platypus.

no idea. The view from here.

A slightly more handsome ?

I like how apple maps illustrates the temperature by rendering the cars all melted.

I will give twenty straws to every person who retweets this.

Kids menu at 5th and Wine. This is why I hate Scottsdale.

Before you make fun of my liger, I would like you to think of how you would draw interracial. (a baby came after this)

When asked, "who is the best?" Siri gave me census data for the name best.

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