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You can take pictures of yourself with a kiosk in the lobby here... Check out 's great offers

Anyone else going to New York Comic-Con? I kind of want to dress up as Ash from Pokemon for it... I've done it before:

So excited for tonight! I still haven't washed the hand that cradled him last time we met...

So this just walked by my cubicle, another day at KIDZ Bop...

I still get comments on a routine basis on my It Gets Better video. Look at this gem:

I want to be best friends with whoever drew this for the coffee shop on the corner. Amazing:

I got my haircut! Everything went better than expected:

Shannen Doherty is doing Education Connection ads?

My tweet is the top tweet when you search for ! Maybe he'll see it and tell me he's with me in spirit:

Someone at this Disney show thought it would be funny to draw a cameltoe on a character, I agree:

I've never seen Jerseylicious before. Can someone explain this to me? Her earrings look like cold cuts:

I just caught myself in the mirror and I realized I am turning into my father. Denim shirts...


My eyes completely change colors depending on the color of shirt I'm wearing. I'm a human chameleon:

My boyfriend holding our friend's baby. This makes me want to reproduce with him. What a DILF

When religion gets it right:

Is it normal for your garlic to start growing in your refrigerator...?!

Looks like the guy has fallen on hard times. He's working at a wine store in Queens now:

My favorite moment of #ComicCon had to be interviewing Teen Wolf. Twice.

I'm at Nerd HQ waiting for Jared Padalecki and Zachary Levi to come out. It looks like Jensen Ackles might show too...