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I'm Luke, into guitar, humanism, science, gadget addicted. Just living life here, not sure what to expect..

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Hilarious to see Manuel AKA sace AKA Rationallyfaith2012 AKA Bronxbomber whine about atheists tweeting. #atheism

#Science vs. #Faith guess which one moves mountains? #atheism #apologetics #christian #muslim

#Science progress vs. religious dogma. What has religion ever done? #atheism #muslim #christian #apologetics

looool this made me laugh (at ) #Atheism

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The #koran gets the shape of the Earth totally wrong its not egg shaped. cc

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Just as anybody can see the symmetrical line running across Mercury. Did Mo split that too?

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fails to provide access too BBC sites to UK although funded by... the UK licence fee.

actually we're addressing the single point that "god dunnit" is really no explanation.

A good starting place for #IDiot's who think "intelligent design" is something other than creationsism. #atheism

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Glad to see that discovering #christianity stops people being bitter & twisted..oh wait it doesn't

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#Stupidism - because some people are really just that dumb...

RT "I learnt everything I know by putting what I read into practice to weigh the truths."

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Funny that the creation "museum" in the USA has this hilarious notice "explaining" neanderthals..

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Are muslims so stupid that they really buy islamic propaganda like #islam is peace? #atheism #reality

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Stupidism - the belief that a god magically made everything from nothing based on no evidence...

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Way to go for #feminism - have a good cry & let your boyfriend tell you what you can & can't do...

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Sad to see the rational & wise leader of #AtheismPlus having a hissy fit & blocking critics #atheism

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No "equation" just you stalling for time asking me to post my "issues" with god... #atheism

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