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This is cat for 'I really would prefer you not pick me up right now.':

Stolen from Facebook because it's funny:

I've changed my mind - I want THIS bookshelf:

Remember that time the TARDIS turned into an organ...?

around 8 for me. Also, did I ever show you this guy living in my tree & scaring away all the birds?

Um. Is this dressed as Sherlock Holmes at SDCC? Cuz, it kinda looks like her...

So, you have to ask yourself, did go to San Diego Comic Con in this costume?

This looks like something needs to see... maybe , too...


Stolen from facebook becasue I AM AMUSED BY THIS:

Here you go, :

What do you think? Should I go all Duck Dynasty with the beard...?

"The bird must diiiiiieeeeee!!!!!"

I choose to believe this means I am doing some quality pinning.

for you, Jeff...


sounds dangerous. You may need this to protect yourself...

Just got this in an email from and it is awesome...

What are you reading, Twitter? Here's what I'm working on...