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The author suggests 8+ million non-Nokia Windows Phones in Q4. Where are they hiding?

Preliminary PC shipment data (Gartner + my tablet estimates). Probably under-counting Android tablets.

Grading platforms on a curve.

Install base of Phone & Game platforms.

About that third horse,

When will Apple's China sales overtake the US?

WP probably become 4th largest platform in Q4.

The smartphone market in Q4 with data from Samsung (est.) Nokia and RIM

My forecast and actual shipments of Nokia smartphones since the Windows Phone exclusivity agreement.

iTunes is now a $12 billion/yr business.

Where the next dot falls is quite an interesting question.

Of course.


Average iOS App download rate is now well over 50 million per day.

iTunes Download Totals by Medium

The state of the iOS device market.

Shares of US smartphones in use by Platform