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Share of iPhone sales by operator/region (public data).

Apple's actual iPhone sales in the US (from court filings) vs. what operators have been reporting.

Did Oppenheimer really change the way Apple gives guidance? I.e. is this the end of sandbagging? Judge for yourself:

Profit per visitor. Data will be updated on 10Q release.

Re China, CQ4 is always smaller. The big quarter is always CQ1 due to Chinese new year.

. See y/y growth

You can refer to this:

Apple estimated gross margins by product.

Apple Operational Expenses as percent of sales.

iPad vs. Mac

Apple Cash (and equivalents)

iOS shipments.

A more granular view of the growth scorecard.

Apple growth scorecard. (Bearing in mind one extra week last year)

Apple pricing by product line (updated)

Sure, but without estimating the other carriers it looks odd. Anyway, here are my current estimates.

iPhone Activations by US Operator.

iPhone Activations (Verizon shown)

Year/Year SMS growth rate in Spain.