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iPhone sales by operator

. Only for the US. Not enough resolution on EU data.

US vs. EU5 user gains by phone platform

12 month user winners/losers in phone platforms (EU5, as of October 2012)

Phone platform share of user base US vs. EU 5.

Change in user base over 12 months in US smartphone platforms.

Winners and losers: Mobile platforms monthly net user gains (US)

Signs of decline.

I'd use this pattern:

I see the last data point as an outlier. If the penultimate were 23 billion (not 20) then it would come down

New data point on total iTunes songs downloaded.

Dividend? Oh yeah, we forgot about that.

Apple Price per share, Earnings per share and EPS Multiples

Apple’s Share Price as a Function of Cash and Marketable Securities

Revenue per Apple Store per Quarter (back above $15 million/store).

Average Apple Stores open by quarter.

Average retail revenue/employee and revenue/visitor

Three years' worth of fourth quarters of Apple (adjusted for 13 weeks duration).

Three years' worth of fourth quarters of Apple.

One of the charts to be presented at #Asymconf