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This may look like a graph of Apple's revenues but I see a count of people advising Apple on how to save itself

Sales, General and Administrative Expenses for Apple and Samsung (categorized)

Diagram showing iTunes Revenues and Cost Structures (estimated)


My estimates of Gross iTunes Revenues by Media Type

. Note the difference with the PC.

Android activations visualized (note: Green line was estimated, blue are actual data points).

Where do Android users live?

If the growth of Android has been consistent, there should be 800 million activations by now. Update long time coming

iTunes in 2012 (revised). Note that exploded wedges are not part of reported income.

One major unknown on iTunes is who are "certain digital content owners" mentioned in the last sentence:

iTunes (excluding Apple Software) revenues, costs and Music Industry digital revenues.

The progress of international openings of Apple stores.

Apple Store Openings as Percent of Total over time.

Payment of $8 billion to developers is somewhat surprising given Jan 7th mention of $7 billion. (Note log scales)

Google vs. Samsung Mobile

Apple vs. Samsung

Google vs. Microsoft vs. Apple

Microsoft vs. Apple

Operating margins for Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Apple store opening rate remains fairly constant.