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Windows slowly shrinking as a percent of total Microsoft revenues. Now at 23%. Five year time frame:

it's in a corner.

Exciting: http://asym.co/wKQQeQ See the data in context here:

Incl. data shared by readers, an updated view of the brief history of personal computing (w/ additional platforms)

A second view into the history of personal computing.

A brief history of personal computing platforms.

The history of quarterly sales for three Personal Computer vendors.

Pixar's costs of Production (apropos Critical Path #20)

Putting Verizon's iPhone sales for Q4 in perspective.

Chart intended to accompany latest Critical Path podcast.

Another view into comScore's data for the US smartphone platforms. (Share of installed base)

November smartphone growth in the US was low overall mostly due to deceleration of Android.

Installed Base of Smartphone platforms among US consumers end of November (age 13+, comScore data)

How data consumption increased in the US by carrier (before iPhone 4S)

Platform adoption ramps updated with latest data on Android.

BlackBerry lost another million users in October in the US. Down to 15.5 million. Data from

Platform shares for Installed base of US smartphones.

US Smartphone penetration reached 38.5% (comScore data)

comScore: First time smartphone users per week in the US.

The outliers. (Now with x-axis label)