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Cumulative Android Activations over time.

Android activation rate chart.

Three fourth quarters of the mobile phone market

$AAPL fourth quarter 2011 financial performance relative to 2010 and 2009

Average Selling Prices, Revenues, Operating Profits, Expenses and Shipments for phone vendors, Q4 2011, at a glance.

I need to re-state this every time I do an update on App downloads: Apple does not include updates. Ref:


It has indeed.

iTunes download milestones illustrated.

Updated download totals of iTunes media types (assuming 25 will be crossed this month).

Note how if you took Apple's revenues out of the mobile phone market it would seem rather constant.

I would need to switch to log scale to make it understandable.

PC cumulative total is 3.2 billion in 31 years.

Shares of phones sold by platform.

Does software have higher margins than web services and/or hardware?

US activations as a percent of global iPhone shipments.

Reminder of iPhone activations for US operators (estimated and actual by Verizon).

As percent of operating profit: