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With all the buybacks and dividends, it's still hard to make a dent.

One of these is not like the others.

iPads shipped vs. Macs shipped.

Apple's product contributions to revenue including latest quarter.

Pricing of Apple's products.

What the iPhone is hired to do.

Average revenue per mobile-cellular subscription in 2010 by country. Would love to have more than 60 countries.

Google Revenues by segment

If the 4m estimate on iPhone activations at $VZ is accurate, here is growth in context. Not particularly surprising.

Verizon iPhone data for Q1 in context of previous data and other operators.

Use this instead, it's better:

This is a better picture. The Windows Phone announcement is marked implicitly with a gap.

Nokia's smartphone volumes (by OS)

A clearer view:

. Smartphones are a bit messy.

. sorry, labels were reversed. LG was 5th.

. I don't have Q1 data yet. But here are volume rankings from 2007 to Q4 2012.

Average PC Revenues/Unit, Top 6 vendors, Q4 2012