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Big spenders. Google ($GOOG) vs. Apple ($AAPL) capital spending.

Last week a hedge fund manager warned of parabolic share price growth. Is he fearful of parabolic earnings growth?

Sorry, left out the latest quarter. Here is the most current version.

I've been changing my charts from stacked area to stacked bars. Here it is in the new format.

Here you go.

Where did Nokia's smartphone volumes go? To Cupertino? Think again.

The picture I *should* have used for my slide at #mobilism last week

The more things change, the more they stay the same. $AAPL share price as a function of cash.

Apple's AMP index score reaches a new high.

The iPhone reached a new high in share of phone industry revenues (over 40%)

I assume you've seen this then.

Not bold at all. It's only a matter of applying the growth rate to which iPad has become accustomed.

Operating Income: Microsoft divisions, Apple products and Google.

Platform shares for Installed base of US Smartphones

Update on monthly platform gains/losses in the US smartphone user base.

Apple's P/E vs. Share Price

Phone shipments (smart vs. non-smart)