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. Yes, see the difference also in the first generation product.


More price analysis for the US market. First four quarters performance.

Another chart off the cutting room floor:

US Smartphone Units Shipments: Select Samsung Phones & iPhone (v 3.0)

History of US tablet sales for Samsung and Apple.

History of US smartphone sales for Samsung and Apple (v 2.0)

History of US smartphone sales for Samsung and Apple


Nearly half of all phones being sold are smartphones.

Samsung shipped approximately 45% of all Android phones last quarter.

Evolution of share of mobile platforms over a three year period.

Android took just 3 years to completely displace Symbian and Windows Mobile from the mobile OS market.

Will iPad's average price drop below the average notebook's price?

Another in the series of charts left on the cutting room floor: Vendor PC units shipped and the usurpers.

What computer platform shares would look like if tablets were included.

Latest comScore data on US smartphone usage.

The market for non-smart phones is lower this year than it was in 2009.

Smartphones mix: Samsung now at 54%. Two years ago they were at 3%. Nokia now at 12%. Two years ago they were at 22%.

Big in Japan.