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First datum of the earnings season.

Getting there.

Here , I fixed it for you. The blue bars are showing values to scale.

My estimates for iPhone sales mix (including current quarter).

. Here's what you get:

The opening weekend sales rate for iPhone 5 is roughly the same at for the 4S normalized for number of countries

iPod and iPhone Minimum Offered Storage

iPhone services by count of country offered.

As percent of sales and operating profits, it's Office but I would not put Xbox in the same league.

Which is a better business?

If they maintain current trajectory, not far. Console-based businesses are being disrupted by mobile.


The Critical Path, The First Year Unabridged by and

Same question. Which is better? A or B? After answering, read http://www.leancrew.com/all-this/2011/11/i-hate-stacked-area-charts/

Which version of this graph is better? A or B?

Crowded at the bottom: A history of smartphone shipments by vendor.

iPhone Share of total phone units shipped, revenues and profits.

Smartphones as percent of total phones shipped by vendor.

What's at stake at Samsung vs. Apple. Accused Shipments (vs. those not accused) (& if you believe shipment estimates…)

Activations vs. Sales of US iPhones