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Third quarter is tricky. Samsung launches out of phase of the iPhone.

The phone bottom line. The latest operating profits from mobile phones.

The ocean is silting up.

Three years (1.5 product ownership cycles) in the smartphone market.

Excellent field trip today to F-Secure and meeting with Some interesting data:

. US share is also a factor of US being best addressed by iPhone. Green=No iPhones for sale

100 Largest Unaddressed iPhone Markets (excl. India & China)

Most popular camera phones on Flickr.com. iPhone 3G is about to be overtaken by Samsung Galaxy S II.

If an IT manager is not involved in a technology purchase is it an enterprise sale?

Visitors per Apple store employee per quarter. Equivalent to 13 minutes spent with each visitor in last Q.

Apple stores open.

Approximate Apple Retail Income Statement per visit.

Revenue per Apple store per Quarter.

Apple Retail head count (FTE) as a function of store visitors.

Launch performance of iOS devices.

Launch performance of iOS devices.

The iPhone revenue per unit shipped has remained fairly constant.

Google vs. Microsoft

. There's infrastructure and there's infrastructure.

Hey big spender.