I'm a rocket scientist for hire. I'm a space geek, Bears fan, and lover of the mountains. If you need me, look in the wilderness.

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it is! This photo doesn't do the color justice, but it pairs well with Bondi Blue. :)

skiing the blues on a bluebird day. I think my form might be a little better... maybe! ;)

So much snow in Yosemite Valley...

Did I mention that Yosemite Valley is stunning the morning after a storm? Well, I learned that it is.

If you ever want to win over , just give him extra extra sharp cheddar cheese. cc

I miss the Evolution Valley. I'd love to be there right now...

Mt Whitney & Russell are framed by the Alabama Hills Arch. Tyndall & "Big Willy" didn't quite squeeze in. #sierra

. likes to take little breaks from time to time... #sierra #alabamahills

I think my new Crosstrek looks right at home in the Eastern Sierra. #MtWhitney #SubaruLove

The view from Bryce Point.

Snow and The Natural Arch. #brycecanyon

Yosemite was looking extra glorious this morning...

Yosemite this morning. Snow!!

My day has been made. just said "this. is. amazeballs." -->

. claimed he wasn't going to hit me with a snowball... #snow #yosemite

my favorite outdoor location? Precipice Lake. Pure bliss. #RockgrrlAnniversary #ChacoPlaces

Gem Lake... in the Little Lakes Valley.

well aren't you the smartass. How about this...

I just found this photo... and it makes me smile. I think I need some red starbursts now. cc

here you go... Beta AR love, cupcakes and Endeavour. A great Saturday. :)