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Discovery News Space Producer. Recovering British solar physicist. Enjoys beer, prefers tea. Toast & butter advocate. Hairy Atheist. Certified gopher wrangler.

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This rolled out of my Cheerios box. It's bringing me so much joy. A toy in a cereal box! How awesome is that? (And no, I haven't had a cereal box toy for many, many years.)

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The launch of , grabbed from the feed

  • 2720 days ago via site
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Bunny-induced webcam death #helloworlddeadcam

  • 2732 days ago via site
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After using the broom-in-the-water rescue technique, Lenny was happy Ian was there to help out

  • 2741 days ago via site
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Lenny realising I'm the only lifeguard on duty

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Lenny taking a swim

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Blue skies, palm trees, accidental day-time astronomy... and the LAPD. Must be summer.

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Phew! That was a close call, thanks for the warning about the hazards of tea, I just grabbed a cool one :)

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Here you go, this is how bunnies cuddle. The one on the right is the "smart" one :)

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Bella doesn't like it when another rabbit steps on her turf...

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#helloworldcam Oops, had some wine, camera slipped, you know the drill :)

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I am your Bunny Overlord, is now mine

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I thought this was cool. Just drinking a wine by Rabbit Ridge... and a rabbit appeared on the cork end! Could it be bunny pareidolia? Who knows... ;)

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My PJs are party PJs, my Tequlla-drinking PJs :)

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We've often driven past the 28th Church Of Christ Scientist Reading Room, and I have little clue what it's about, but isn't the name a little... ironic?

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Yey! We spent the evening at Laguna Beach today. Here's a shot just after sunset, really cool place.

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In an attempt to eat better, I buy an overpriced chunk of what can only be described as sticky, chewy turd. Health food = FAIL

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[Install Update] *click* [Close the following programs] *click* *click* [Your laptop is now self-aware] "Hello, Dave"

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You reminded me to check in with an old friend - all that remains of my last dead laptop. The rest was scattered across my office (carnage)

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Nope, but I'll drink to it! Cheers #helloworldcam!

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