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logically predisposed to developing the Web, father of @spotibot & @echofiapp, Swede-in-training.

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Finally! Twitter+ping are trying to innovate in the music discovery sector WITHOUT ripping off Spotibot... er...

I love these fake online help staff:

"Inbox Zero" refers to your unread count, right?

Messily, using Tesco value ingredients, and swearing a lot?

I imagine Harry Hill would enjoy watching this interview, even if he's not sure why

Here's the shot the settings were from:

I was playing around with long shutter speeds round Lincoln Cathedral

iDOS has made me cave in & actually part with cash on the app store

No! What makes you say that?

Must've taken offence to my Droid tweet - Chrome suddenly can't load Google:

Come on Google docs - I've used you a million times before, why start being a jerk about it?

Self-expression of which I'm sure would approve

Someone call - I got Android 1.6 running in an iPhone4!

Watching "Date Night". I may be slightly less captivated than Sarah.

For some reason marked his triumphant return to Facebook with too much information:

$)$s from your automated email. Tried to send feedback, and it 404d:

Hey - Spent ages filling in that online form about your unreliable service, and here's what happened. Thanks for nothing.