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#NowWatching ECONOMIC CHALLENGES "#Kreatif Mendorong #EkonomiKreatif" dgn ibu , dkk!

But there's the nicer one ofc we look less dead ne wwww #tokyotravel tales

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Boy, did gravity pulled our faces at 2am in #Tokyo. This mtg concluded us becoming proper friends just from #Twitter!!! #truetwitterstory It's almost exactly a month ago and I managed to just clean up my photos~~~

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UK Cisco explaining their service, 1 is , abt their ambitions in #innovation and tmrw.

#nowreading: THE #MICHELINGUIDE AND #HONGKONG, a case study + Distinction #dissertation sample for media dept. The things we researchers actually research on... always interesting.

David Willetts, MP #InnovationPopulation said: "Y dont we let #robots loose at HydePark; see which arrives 1st at the Stadium to win? But what if it treads a baby in the park? Can we set n tell them to not trip on them?"

Favourite case study idea so far

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"Technocratic innovation policy is a Faustian bargain" briefing on #InnovationPopulation yst. To have to agree with the rise of secularism and science these days and ultimately championing human knowledge and power against of what spiritual teaching tells...

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#E3 #Sony firstlook: Using a handsome dude & upbeat music agnst deadly transformation of zombies of #DeadIsland2, what a concept trailer man! This one is forever in my memory now

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Performance experience, LIVE ON SCREEN by Prof Pat Healey of . Cam cd detect motion and faces, and shows "anger" n reads other details. Completely new expositions for audience reading, so u know whether theyre happy with your perf on stage or not. Imagine, itll be interesting for musicians.

[#JPOP #JROCK Report] I was here last week! Over 60K attendees incl. #LARUKU #PerfumeJP #SekaiNoOwari #MWAM Day 2 of #JAPANNIGHT sneak peek on : http://www.megindo.co.id/animonster/j-artist/japan-night-japan-to-the-world/

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Shipped this wk, our first #CWCLDN giveaway of signed CD to .

HAHAHAHA BAR BAR BAR CRAYON POP as closing #AsianDreamCupINA They said "terima kasih~"

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Ini T-list g semuanya lg #AsianDreamCupINA. Gamau kalah. Gonna live stream of "JS and Friends". RCTI dont fail me

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Reporting from #Tokyo: tdy's glorious #JAPANNIGHT #JAPANFORTHEWORLD torch light and the amazing crowd~!

READY FOR #JAPANNIGHT Day 2 tonight? Me & will go disco with #PERFUMEJP () tonight~ matta ne~!

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Situasi saat ini dari tim di #TOKYO: setengah jam sblm konser #JAPANNIGHT HARI 1, YELL FOR #JAPAN dimulai

Team Lily and I in #Tokyo #Japan for #JAPANNIGHT FIRST DAY: YELL FOR JAPAN

#JAPANNIGHT briefing in the unexpected sunny TOKYO, the man w suit and tie !(^^♪

Sooo... OK did warn us all that we'd cry for #YouYouYou in their warranty certificate... Can't blame them though they did say. http://mymomknowsmyfangirlism.tumblr.com/post/86395979509/well-so-they-did-warn-us-about-it-that-were

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At last, announcing as our #CWCLDN giveaway winner on ! Please let me know your email to get your address. Thank you and keep listening to our shows.

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