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Been livin the thug life ever since I saw A Bug's Life.

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Thanks iTunes Radio for opening up emotions I tucked away a long time ago.

here's a fridge photo for you! #fridgesforpen

LOVED Monsters U!!! #monsterssuperfan

This really hits home. Never thought of it as I was the one who left, and I shouldn't have such high expectations.

seems legit!

Just the idea of bringing back a pushing daisies movie/mini series makes me so giddy. I need Lee Pace back in my life


#utah #mormons

Oh hey, let's put all out shit in front of said charging station!

I'm very very very excited about this!!

Also this!

I have been laughing over this for a good two minutes. Fucking ikea monkey. I love you.

if you don't follow this cat on IG then you are missing out on all this great

This will never NOT be funny. The face makes me laugh so damn hard.

666!!!! Fuuuu


Finding one of you textbooks on amazon for $2.49

Whenever I’m having a bad day this always cheers me up. The damn top hat!

If you saw it, you know why.