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Hello NYC.. :)

Happy 30th bday to my brother Chad!! He's always had my back!!!! ;)

Spending day with my angel and .. I'm lucky to have em.

Finding this in the fridge has made my week worth living. It's the little things.

I can't get and his girlfriend billie to get outta bed.. Sighhhh young love.

Ok ok I'm ringless Annie. SIGH!

Happy fathers day to my sweet daddy.. Till I get to him again .. I'll have sweet memories!!

Ummmmm why is my doritos bag from the 80s?

I have a REALLY pretty shadow.... ;)

and THIS swing.. That's all I need!!!!

Finally. Home. Poppy and Granni and this barn was the medicine I needed.

Me and ang just practiced on the BIG GIRL STAGE!

Ummm.. A) I have an amazing life .. B) why does my left wrist look like silly putty ?!?!? Hahahahahahahah

Wheww.. FINALLY MY BOYFRIEND is with me. Off to watch looney tunes now. Ahhhh love.

My sweet angel broke her arm!!! This is TRUE MISERY!!

Ashton shepherd is amazing. ALL THERE IS TO IT!!!!!!!

I love my ;)

Mirandas pups sure like their Hollywood lifestyle. ;)

loves the hat !!!