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My ex neighbor's 10 year old daughter and older stepdaughter. Real trashy, my god.

orita te llevo algo

Don't stare at me, you lame guys.

Woodpeckers are dicks. All that noise I heard in the bathroom was your construction. -__-

Next to our car at El Globo. -.-

Had to buy this. I was obsessed with Trent Ford in sixth grade ;)

Got a love-hate relationship with Hilary Duff, but this album is good for road trips :P

If you need CPR, I learned in 10th grade and have this unused mouth shield thing.

Going through a junk drawer & finding Lisa Frank stickers from elementary.

Best band evaaaar.

Listening to Love Metal, I decided to put my 7 year old HIM posters back up. Ville♥

"Like if you feel sorry for him" Smh I'm glad the comments are realizing this is for likes

There's literally SHIT in the shower! I know who did this cause they use soap in their ass

I think this is the spider from a few says ago. Thanks for eating him, ants.

Looks like AJ from a distance, but it is ;)

I don't know this part of the family but the venue is pretty.

My elementary school crush with the sexy voice and tight jeans. ;)

Shania Twain and Ricky Martin. The first cds I ever bought when I was like, seven.

I think he came out of the sheetrock that's always down. Where you at, insurance?!?!

Shitty zoom in of the beast. Almost the size of my 7 year old turtle.