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On my way to class this a.m. Doesn't feel like Charro Days cause it's March, not late Feb.

Omg look what HIM put on their website! Lol jk, you can type but idk what it's for. O_o

There's a marching band and floats going through campus. #charrodays

My niece sent me this. Is it true after all?! #ahs

This angry gorilla dress would be impossible to wear. Fucking WHY? #eww #romwe

Ohemgeee it's my fashion icon Jenn on Romwe <3 I've been watching her since last April!

Gonna watch a guitar concert for my music appreciation class :)

My cousin's friend is so fkn ghetto and immature. I'd keep certain shit to myself, ffs.

It's true, I crave you. Get it? Yum.

I died, omfg.

Tumblr's playing "I will always love you" while there's a montage of #Packers we'll lose ☹

Eeeep Clay was so cute! :3 #shorthairdontcare

My response to my Christian friend. Why can't we be more spiritual or tolerant?

WTF why did my Christian friend send this to me? I'm kinda offended.. I didn't do anything

I spent $5 on this lil brass owl. Expensive, but I thought why not? Won't take up space.

Maybe I'll wait for them to come to me so I can learn the songs. #HIM

fb, Ville stopped eating meat b/c it takes forever to digest & he wants to shake his hips.

Ohhhh 2x champions, so cray, Ravens. Omg u r da best liek wow. #not

Lolomg I paused the tv & my mom reads this & says "what does that mean? Do what?" XD #1g5g

-_- youtube should block idiots. Suck a dick, homophobes. Religion ruins everything.