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I am an independent researcher and consultant focused on privacy, security, and behavioral economics.

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World of Wordcraft: Listening to Robert Litt read DNI talking points verbatim at Newseum #NSA Facts and Fiction

You know you're at a security conference when …. you need to brute-force/buffer-overflow the coffee machine #WISEC

And it's not 'anonymous': confirms ability to uniquely identify individuals' location history (2/2)

FYI - weird bug with display truncating long URLs (original tweet: )

But it appears 's legal team didn't get the memo: T&C's still mention 24mo term + early termination fees (2/2)

Apple ID reset website 'currently unavailable due to maintenance. Please check back later' #securityfail

I'd also like to point out the eery resemblance of the 100% senate voting cohesion cluster to the death star:

Interesting: there's a core group of Senators incl , , etc that vote together 100% of the time

itbusinessedge page from that last tweet is 'temporarily unavailable while we perform necessary server maintenance'

Wow - I need to go on a digital diet --- I've sent 2069 & received 3626 emails in the last month.

Stuxnet 0.5 C&C servers were given ad-related domain names. Perhaps Iran nuclear facilities should run AdBlock Plus?

Dear Fortune500: If you see traffic going to these domains, you've been PWND (ht )

If you see any traffic going to these domains, your MAC is PWND (ht ) #command&control

Another reference in the Google Checkout Privacy Policy re: ability to keep email private

Yah, I archived them for prosperity last Friday (before the media storm :)

Yah, I archived them for prosperity last Friday (before the media storm :)

Phishing *is* getting better - I rcvd a txt msg last night instructing me to reset my bank card via automated phone #

. I don't think 'first' users' but just a slice of 250k from a particular date range

The 2006-2008 theory seems legit on a quick tests of ppl reporting breaches in my stream:

fwiw, data doesn't really support your 'first 250k users theory' unless these were all phishing attempts: