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. I hope the voting takes relative position into account, I'd hate to be inflating Glee and Ringers' score


what. the. fuck.

Touche! And fencing was the default header on Reddit yesterday! Raise that profile :)

I hope they're mailing you this banner. And then I hope you fly it from your car antenna.

The replay value of Ready Player One just skyrocketed. Incredible paratextual contest. See you at gate 3 ;)

lulzgifs by

lulzgifs by

Zergs win:

My face when I saw the Instagram news:

I was driving to work when I saw him. Walker is in Fremont CA. #homeland

Life Achievement Unlocked- successfully strung up the tree.

Stanford student section. I guess they're all at home eating turkey leftovers and playing Zelda.

My view in case you were curious. ND owns this whole corner. They put the alumni band on the opposite side of the field

The toll of piracy - Best Buy CD/DVD section is the only empty section in the entire mall.

My autographed, (newly) framed South Park print. #youjelly

I didn't know you still shot on Glee!

Inset on my Nat'l champ ring. How'd I do?