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I live with @smiththewhippet and I like eating chicken poo and playing tug

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Here is me and Smith and Walter with Merlin & Bonnie. They are show dogs and get brushed every day!

I put my nose in the snow!

OR... we could drink out of this hole over here....

Don't worry, ! I will dig us a hole in the ice to drink out of!

. is excited because it may snow next week. I was a baby last time it snowed.

Mmmm... Snowball

I'm just going to have a little go on this cracker...

Today has a snotty cold. I am keeping her warm.

Boston tried to HUMP me! I said no. Only is allowed to hump me.

Today we met Boston! He is a quarter wolfhound & the rest is collie.

RRRRRR, digging!

I know what to do with ice! Ice is for DIGGING!

Today is cold, so we wore our new coats to the park!

I am saying thank you to for my new coat! I am standing on her bag!

I do not really have a moustache.

I am catching the ball on the ground by jumping on it!

We went to Somereset! It was far away. We did LOTS of running in the garden!

Here is me two years ago with . She came to see me when I was with my mum, so we had met before

Hello! Today is my arrival day! Here I am playing with the octopus on my first day meeting the octopus AND

Here me and are being friends.