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Stumbled upon this while searching for a particular screenshot on my computer. What was this game about again?

again caresses our new capacitive multi-touch prototype. now with pcb matrix.

it's here

Oh look, feedback!

La Lune à un mètre, 1898

This "supernatural story for boys" features an old lady chasing a man.

Ultras as Star Wars geeks? My mind reels.

"the movements of the laugh are movements that were once a part of the process of devouring" - Hall, 1912

Whatever, here's a picture of a cat in a box.

The Story Of The Mind (google books scan)

Head growth in students at the University of Cambridge (Nature, 1888)

"The event on which this fiction is founded, has been supposed, by Dr. Darwin […], as not of impossible occurrence"

apparatus for the analysis of forehead movement

oh joy!

shock stimuli on the tram drivers test station

Mosso Ergograph measuring fatigue


Helmholtz on academic freedom, 1877:

I don't want a kitchen scale which looks like an iPad. I want a retro one which looks like a clock.