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digging up obscure articles in specialized libraries makes me feel witty and bright

Signing an invisible EULA? Now that's a new low for me.

I always thought the origin of my name was a Roman slaying barbarian. Turns out I was named after a headscarf seller.

the duck is back, staring at me

Saw this piece a few weeks ago. Can't remember the artist.

photo of working on the multi-touch prototype

look, my old dumb phone has a built-in Instagram filter

Wiener Quartiere des Elends und Verbrechens, 1909


Stumbled upon this while searching for a particular screenshot on my computer. What was this game about again?

again caresses our new capacitive multi-touch prototype. now with pcb matrix.

it's here

Oh look, feedback!

La Lune à un mètre, 1898

This "supernatural story for boys" features an old lady chasing a man.

Ultras as Star Wars geeks? My mind reels.

"the movements of the laugh are movements that were once a part of the process of devouring" - Hall, 1912

Whatever, here's a picture of a cat in a box.

The Story Of The Mind (google books scan)

Head growth in students at the University of Cambridge (Nature, 1888)