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What the hell is going on with my body. Red spots all over my arms and legs. Been like this for days, but worsening

The eternal tailback outside Verdania city. Mostly filled with tourists and visiting students for my university.

I can't even rebuild! The whole plot has vanished. Does the city still stand in your regionviews?

The matching jacket and jeans thing going on here was also a little strange.

My awesomely dapper Silvari necromancer. From decay springs new life! #GW2

I wish I looked this good in every MMO. #GW2 #SuitUp

Behold!!! We also have mail, a ship selector, and a DOFF seller.

Looking east down my street towards City Hall. #NorwichSnow

My favourite Star Trek Online DOFF : Ten of Ten, the reclaimed Borg Caitian. #STO

With not much time to spare, Arkturos Reh completes the Christmas Starbase decoration project!! #STO

. And for good measure, Hat, the vulture-headed god of unexpected guests.

. Behold. Dread Lawyer Cthulhu.

Arkturos Reh!!! It's been a while, old chum. #STO

And my account screen on the website seems confused between #Planetside2 and #DCUO Grrrrrrrr.

What the devil??? #Planetside2 It's telling I'm not allowed to use the SOE version.

Colonal Boylan may be the most American person in the universe.

Defending the Dungeon in Dungeon Defenders. They shall not pass.

Turns out some bots have decent names. Different operator I guess. Using warriors instead of the usual ranger #GW2

Plastic spiders in #GW2

So many botters in #GW2 recently. They always seem to come in stacks of identical clones.

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