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Back from beautiful sunrise minyan on Gan Eden hill.

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Just returned from the Mishpachat Galinsky Hachnasas Sefer Torah. Mazal tov!

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Adi Ron and Boaz Sharabi Melave Malka

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Rav Nevenzal and Dr. Michael Elman at the Hachnasat Sefer Torah seudah.

V'lYerushalayim Ircha. Ashreinu. May we be zocheh to see the complete rebuilding.

At the Kotel for Jake Felder's swearing-in tekes. Ashreinu!

4:15 pm - Yerushalayim in sight as we leave Mevaseret/Nachal Chalilim.

Some of the chevra treking along. 12:45 pm about to ascend from Ain Limon to Tzuba.

Erev Yom Hashoa, appreciating E"Y. This taken today over Nachal Sorek, behind Beit Shemesh.

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Ayalon Valley example of the risks of Google translation -Artscroll could've helped.

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At Lavi Shimon's wedding in Afula. Rav Ganz being mevarech. Rav Gidon Mesader Kiddushin. Mazal tov!

Purim in Yerushalayim still going strong. Pachad Yitchak tisch with Rav Y. David, Rav Hutner's son in-law.

Hareidi winery ad in the recent issue of Hebrew Mishpacha magazine. Interesting marketing approach.

Rav Asher Weiss, Rav Gidon Binyamin and Yirmiyahu tonight at Melaveh Malka in the Ayalon Valley

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Uncle Rav Noson Kamenetsky at his great grandson's (Yakov) pidyon haben earlier today. Mazal tov!

A beyond passageway at Sha'ar Yafo. Where was the Artscroll? (Thanks Dad)

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Tu B'Shvat teaching on education from Sarah in the makolet: "Deep roots yield fruits." (Picture from Geulah today)

"Ktzet hashemesh b'gvurato" - today in the Ayalon Valley. Have a great day!

At Lavi Shimon's airusin/china in Beit Shan. Quite a Morrocan event. Looks like this will be continuing ad alot hashachar...

Continuing b'inyan Chabad - Previous Lubavitcher Rebba, Rayatz, and my father's father, Rav Nissan Waxman (w/mustache).

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