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Dearest momma. :)

  • 1208 days ago via site
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Bob shall stay with me forever. Lololol.

  • 1208 days ago via site
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I could love with this forever. It's for babies, I know. But they're so... Nice. Aha :)

  • 1230 days ago via site
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Sarry. Nerd moment. :> Hello, baby. Can't wait to read ye. #TheLastSacrifice #VA

  • 1233 days ago via site
  • 30

Ohai. I wanted to sleep by 10.30 butttt I got sidetracked.. So I'm only starting now. -.-

  • 1237 days ago via site
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Very convenient. A phone and a mirror. I just love how the screen protector turns it into a mirror. Ahaha.

  • 1237 days ago via site
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Look at what my friend sent me. The caption was, 'evil baby is watchibg you.' Freakyyy. -_- hate these kinds of dolls..

  • 1237 days ago via site
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It's christmas in our house already. :) all that's left is to fill up the space under that tree. Zis is ze good life.

  • 1237 days ago via site
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The sunset sky in the neighbourhood. Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of the awesome pre-sunrise sky this morning while I was in the Go train.

  • 1237 days ago via site
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Product of backaches, stress and loss of an awful lot of brain cells. I an finally done. Thank youu.

  • 1238 days ago via site
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Hullo scary eyebags. Timecheck: 241am. Aaahh. If only I wasn't going somewhere tomorrow...

  • 1239 days ago via site
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Ohai there funky hair. Be twisted and curly when I take of the hairpin, k?

  • 1239 days ago via site
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Now I'm back to this. -_- haaaate how I haven't figured it out earlier.

  • 1239 days ago via site
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Twitter's idea of people similar to me. PS. Ignore the trans windows. I was doing my paper on them last week.

  • 1240 days ago via site
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Everywhere I look, there's a reminder of HP7. Gaaahh. I WANNA WATCH AGAIN.

  • 1245 days ago via site
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Downtown Toronto at 530ish pm. So effin dark.

  • 1248 days ago via site
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Eww I looked so pale last night. No wonder I felt like I was gonna die.

  • 1253 days ago via site
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Someone! Gift me these two! Hahaha. They're soooo cute. They even have rosy cheeks. Aaahh. <3

  • 1259 days ago via site
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Well, someone's project got balls. >:)

  • 1260 days ago via site
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Second day of having dirty hands. And I even have paint on my nose. Lol oh boy. I'm gonna finish this tonight. (Y)

  • 1265 days ago via site
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