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Spearhead ridable mech is DONE!!! Even made it's pilot in my own style. It's my shop and I do what I want!!! :P

  • 794 days ago via site
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The road to Diozz's shop has officially begun! Male AND female Mechs- Spearhead, Calavera, Galatea-1 & Razorkiss.

  • 795 days ago via site
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Guess what's done?
100% done in Flash (BG in Photoshop) and 100% done in my new Cintiq. Yeah, I'm happy.

  • 796 days ago via site
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He watches you when you sleep.

  • 800 days ago via site
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On a completely unrelated note, here's some Avatar Stir Fry.

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So y'all still haven't figured out what I'm working on?

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Say hello Diozz!

Say hello Diozz!

  • 806 days ago via site
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'Cause Robots! That's why!

  • 814 days ago via site
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Diozz 2.0 design. No, he's not for the shop, but once I figure out how to make him a rider armor more will come.

So I'm back from Puerto Rico Comicon and vacation. Tomorrow back to work, and here's what I brought back. :)

  • 818 days ago via site
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Here's the finished piece with 's colors.

  • 830 days ago via site
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Here's a print I'll be selling at Puerto Rico Comicon this weekend. did an amazing job coloring it.

  • 830 days ago via site
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Aaaaaaaand my Twitter explodes in 3... 2... 1...

  • 830 days ago via site
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Taking a page from Dage for the coloring technique for this dragon. I like it, might have to do more like it.

  • 830 days ago via site
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Time to sign some prints.

CHAOS TWINS PRINT ITEM! This little Mirror Imp is your exclusive item. Each stage comes with it's own shop. Enjoy!

  • 835 days ago via site
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Chaos Twins print item will be the Mirror Imp. It can change state with one click and each state has it's own shop

  • 836 days ago via site
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ULTRA SEXY DRAGON PRINCESS! Is this an indication of the mobile game's tone? Only time and your fan rage will tell

  • 837 days ago via site
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Original art to be used on the developing mobile game??? Sure looks like it!!

  • 837 days ago via site
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Reminiscent of when I use to do party/ event flyers.

  • 840 days ago via site
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