Hype is based on Feelin, Hope is based on Faith, Hype is abt Now, Hope is abt 2morrw! Always keep theFaith even in theHype ... got me? ىoىo me!

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lookin foward 2ur new talk show btw gd genes

& this! is just what all of thee above looks like!!!

MJB! just did the got damn thing at the DNC she had the whole place groovin' #4MoreYears #ObamaBiden2012

♫ Blown Away off
Eddie LeVert's new album
'I Still have it!

OlympicGoldZone whn ur on theGO! #App #Live
allGd! doin the c walk while drivin haha jk

Green Light by R n R&B
da Shitzznit!
#GO ohohoh
#Goes jst give me the green light &¡ll GO
#WriteMeBack deluxeV

#Alert #Saved ✔mark #SaveTheDate tweet via Its Almost here! RickRoss #GODFORGIVESIDONT

what a lil cutie pie!
Blue IVy Carter looks just like her daddy w/ hints of BK Carter
lil angel

awwh shyt remember this record
Í Miss You by Aaron Hall
off 93 The Truth
the video was the truth too!

#NP The Lost Tape 's new mix tape #Hot!
♫ Volume ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 % ☊
Oh & its Free .99!

At the 1/2 #InstallNow

Hahaha I'm
so Hyped!! I'm laying around watching it again on NBA TV lol! God Beam Me UP!

I got 5 on those sentiments!! #TheBigTicket! via : KG was a beast tonight

just played + ♫Stay Schemin + Weezy F ♫3 Peat #NowPlaying ♫Up! ☊

in the words of the late great!
Tupac Amaru Shakur ...
& now
Have a Beautiful day! ツ

lol dn't feel bad so did ¡ hahaha came n late 4th #BestPart 'but best believe ¡wnt b 4gettin abt this 2morrw

Need 2put the Apple dwn & figure out whts on the menu for gm 3 w/the quickness! NYK MIA @ 4pm + Dal OKC @ 6:30pm on TNT

#NowPlaying + ♫2nght {aka BestUEverHad} ¡dnt wanna brag lol #ThinkLikeAMan
#ActLikeAWoman f'¡tRd2

Coctel de Camerón on a beautiful day! #YmmAndMe