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10 AM at NL1/2 and we have a kid in full "uniform"--Hoodie up, shades, cap, iPod.

Waiting in Carl's Jr drivethru as a traffic stop pulls up beside us.

We have Oscar The Grouch at our table (check out the eyebrows). Particularly similar when he scowls.

Chirpy's growing empire. (He's still not chirping--dropping $900 from his peak still has him ticked off).

WSOP hoodie, WSOP cap, shades, $100 buyin, and AA > AK on his first hand. He's just missing the ipod.

Phil Laak playing his NL10/20 80 hour marathon. He's working on the logistics of a bathroom break.

Colorful cast includes Yoko and a cross between Hoyt and Doyle. And Yoko just runnerRunner flushed me.

Colorful cast includes Yoko and a cross between Hoyt and Doyle

Yes, that is indeed an ice cream cone you see in Grump's hand, and no, he did not offer to share.

New IP room (but no NL game):


Drat. Luckbox left with $1400 having devastated the table with the likes of Q8, 74, 86 runnerunner str8, etc. She had to catch a plane.

When he first sat I thought Sam Grizzle was joining us. But this guy is taller and has one less leg.

Heard someone call this guy "Kevin". Seems likely to be he.

Heard someone my yheorized BBT comic book store guy "Kevin". Odds are good it's him.

Kevin Sussman at the table? (Comic book store owner on Big Bang Theory)

This table is tilting me. Nose miner in the 9 seat.

"I'm a plumber and I'm here to help". My dribbling leak is no longer dribbling

Now have a Miami John clone playing

Playing with Seth MacFarlane clone (and he's Aussie so he sounds kinda like stewie)

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