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I don't want to leave you either. :(

In approximately 24 hours, I get to wear shorts!

Bought these for my 3 year old nephew but really just want to keep them for myself...

I hate words. They're trying too hard.

Slurpee weather!

I guess that's my cue to stop studying. I think I'll listen to him.

Found these in the house - mini egg sized Lindt chocolates. And now, to find my self-control...

Dad got my mom an iPad for Christmas. I got her tickets to Johnny Reid for tonight. Guess who won?

Sometimes I just don't understand how they choose what goes on display in this city.

Just wanted to say that I called this outcome almost an hour ago. #brag

Halloween in March...alright then, recycling's cool. Or, we were just poisoned with 5-month-old timbits.

My approval ratings are a big deal.

Oh yes! #bluejays

It's a ! Front and centre! #lastlecture12

Happy 4th birthday, my precious!

Does rain or shine exclude TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR OF DOOM? This is unacceptable baseball weather.

UBC thuggies! Who would pay $85 for one of these...

Oh hai!

I got an education here and it's going on the fridge

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