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Why yes that is a bald on top guy with dreads ready to do a 5k in Tevas

My best friends

He loves me, I swear

This photo represents and I's friendship

Only thing missing is #love


Val films a piece for ESPN

There is a legit bat on our bathroom

#JustPutABirdOnIt #art

And two layers in, I'm regretting the idea to make my own tree skirt

If only my birfday present could update bios for me

Today shall be known as the day when one of my students gave me a panda blanket

This is what I imagine #LisaFrank acid trips to be like

Parents' anniversary gift. I'm a crafting bad ass

Made some new art tonight!

In all her finest, I present

Happy birfday !

Ole ole ole pumpkin!

Pretty sure one of the dads is fattening me up, Hansel and Gretel style

Obligatory cute puppy picture