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Looks like a packed house as usual for the #ArtsTech Meetup!

Great discussion on "writable society" solutions to engage youth in social and political issues. #PDF12

#PDF12 talking about "Weibo petitions" posted online in the hopes of getting more attention online #PDF12

Found Chuck Testa in a trash can...#ROFLcon

Here for the Lolitics panel, been looking forward to this one! #ROFLcon

Zittrain talking about the socially awkward penguin.

The green is carefully chosen to meet DOT standards but still identify the space as public, for public use. #delab

Here at talking about collaborative consumption. Really vital topic in car-heavy LA. #collcons

Beaming in Nicole Cohen from the Berlin Collective for our #CAA2012 panel. (Room is busier than it looks!)

live and on site :)

Liking Twitter's new login page - it reflects the site's global reach.

I like how shows what parts of the world 's polyglot skills apply. /cc

Pretty wild: new Apple OS to include built-in features for Chinese social media like Sina Weibo. #china

Looks like Sina Weibo's on the Valentine's bandwagon too.

ICT has ways to make a virtual space feel infinite while you walk in a finite space. Doors and corners shift subtly.

Incredible imagery popping up on Sina Weibo about the "locust" controversy between Hong Kong'ers and mainlanders.

Just discovered Canadian model Coco Rocha uses Sina Weibo... and she has 200,000+ followers. #buthowmanyarebots

This image of #Wukan voters is floating around Sina Weibo. Netizens saying 支持, or "support".