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A memed picture of my friend Sammi holding a human brain

  • 816 days ago via site
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I took road trips with this cool cat (and his human) 10 years ago and he is STILL kicking ass. :)

  • 995 days ago via site
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Over 10K viewers on 's Ustream of #OccupyCal http://www.ustream.tv/channel/occupy-oakland-live#utm_campaign=t.co&utm_source=9636787&utm_medium=social

  • 1046 days ago via site
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This is what Twitter would have me believe people are talking about - not Syria or OWS or Gaza.

  • 1050 days ago via site
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Britney Spears shares before/after Photoshop of herself to combat body-image disorders #fightana #proana #fem2

  • 1052 days ago via site
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To all my friends Occupying - in the cold of Maine, US and Moscow, Russia to the heat of Brisbane, Australia and Johannasburg, South Africa - I support your fight for liberty.

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If this guy's a Poe, he's still doing it wrong. Does he think I don't hear this shit enough?

  • 1110 days ago via site
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I couldn't have worked the banner ad image on the right better if I'd tried.

  • 1249 days ago via site
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Big surprise? This is one of Miss I-Excuse-Child-Rape Raissa's friends

  • 1257 days ago via site
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Just in case "forgets" again: This is sexually harassing a child, you sick fucker.

  • 1312 days ago via site
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Anti-choice pro-rape tweet. Fucking disgusting - you've been warned #prochoice

  • 1336 days ago via site
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Thank you everybody who donates GOOD food to charity not just crap you aren't willing to eat yourself! :D

  • 1343 days ago via site
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Wow, you really CAN buy anything at Target.

  • 1382 days ago via site
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Here's where my friends and fans are! If I'm missing your state/territory/country let me know! :D

  • 1494 days ago via site
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Definitely time to trim my nails ;p Tempted to paint them first?

  • 1531 days ago via site
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  • 1546 days ago via site
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The lower trailer with a blue circle was the home office of Home in Zion Ministries for 10 yrs. Green place was mine, blue place was my aunt's. Oh yes, I lived THAT close to my cult-leader grandmother in my 20s. So fun!

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Have I mentioned lately how GREAT not being pregnant feels? B/c it's awesome!

  • 1650 days ago via site
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Kid made "a Mickey Mouse" out of his breakfast :)

  • 1660 days ago via site
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So what should I eat folks? I don't wanna puke but I'm starved :(

  • 1662 days ago via site
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