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Venezuelan ♦ Father ♦ Accountant & IT Engineer ♦ Photographer, designer, thinker, speaker, creative, pioneer and entrepreneur ♦ Wood Badge Scout.

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Kim Jong Il « Game Over » …

Kim Jong II < Game Over >

#Gaddafi is dead an unexpected finish to this history, #Venezuelan dictatorship has a lot to be concern.

#Gaddafi in good hands. A new begining is around the corner

Bumper to bumper #Traffic Alert #NY State #Thruway 3 miles delay after tour bus crash in #Sloatburg

#Sloatburg NY route must be close for investigation after tour bus crash at 5:35am 27 people on board #NY State Thruway

#Traffic Alert #NY State Thruway, #Sloatburg, NY Tour Bus Crash at 5:35am 2.5 Mile delay

Se recrudecen las protestas en contra de WS

En imagenes justo ahora en New York

Billionaraires your time is Up

The best way to spent my birthday.

The best way to spent my birthday.

Another reasons why to visit Six Flags Gr Adventure

Does Hugo #Chavez believe himself or he is making a show that he is born again. #Venezuela presidential elections 2012

#Incredible Colleen Caul ran St Louis to #NYC 1,000 miles;65 days;7 states;1 dream CURE CYSTIC FIBROSIS

Are this time coming back? Street children sleeping in Mulberry Street -Jacob Riis photo #NY, United States (1890)

Hugo #Chávez se engaña a si mismo al tratar de convencer a #China que no es un hombre debil de salud. Vistio de militar

#Venezuela #Saqueos via de Yaracuy una antesala a la explosion popular que anuncia vientos de cambio?

Are we poisoning ourselves with #Arsenic in #Apple Juice?

Unless your name is #Google #Peopleneedtostop Acting like they F**KING know everything

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