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I am a villa fan dont be jealous

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my last one!! This one is dedicated to the villa! #sadtimes

what u doin on the british menu?knew it wasnt you tho,hes not ashamed of his accent! #traitor #caldbunt

this basically my day in a nutshell

the face of evil!! #bronxhat #scumbag #callthepoleeece

here is my norwich costume! #friarfuck

you want to glaze a ham? Come speak to me!! #hamglazer4lyf

we need to get in the schools coaching!as you can see by his pic he still has the passion!

i prefer big dwayne!! #makesmintylooklikehawking

each ticket is for a soldier going in to battle!

the leader of team cape! #bigoldgeoff

oh fo sho! Worlds end is the pub,very apt for me seeing as tho i'll be carrying these!! #capetown

welcome to south central wilnecote #cashbackonlymeduck

i prefer this one

loving the celebrations!!

sub for reeves train in 10 #readyforwar #smashatoff

just at our local

retro beats!!!

your life story!! #allabtthetill

Random pub in the north!!! #utv #wiganaway

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